Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here I Am!!!

What an adventure!!! Got done with the carving out of my face cancer, (still working on the accompanying bills) and now I have another spot on my nose that I think I need to have the quack check. I don't think I mind, he's a great quack!

This month, Darrian will be 12, and I'll have 3 boys passing sacrament. Matthew will be 8, getting ready for his baptism, I'm glaringly aware that I don't have babies any more. How did they get so big? When did they grow so much? Who authorized this?!?

Nathan is learning to drive, and he surprises me with his knowledge of his own aptitude...(No, mom, you drive, I'm not so sure about left-hand turns at the light yet)...Gabriel brought home his very good friend yesterday...turns out she's my relative, but not his, and since they're only 14 and only hanging out with mom, not dating, I was thrilled to meet her!

Michael is my little sweetheart, always solicitous of my comfort and well-being, he and I share many teary-eyed hugs! (I prayed and prayed and prayed that he and Darrian would be in the same home room again this year. The school district discourages siblings in the same class, but since they have different last names they've somehow managed to be in class together since third grade. This year we didn't know who their teachers would be until back to school night, the night before school started, and guess what?!...They are in the same class, along with their cousin, Hannah, so they can all keep track of each other)!

Crystal is taking a year off from dance, and is using the time to play mother hen to the whole neighborhood! She really likes to be in charge, or participating in everything that's going on. So much energy, she is our angel!

I'm still taking care of my brother, and Reed is still working at the U...always busy and learning to keep up with everything! The kids keep us jumping and we're getting better at it all the time...I think!

I'll be back again, I promise!


Rorie said...

Glad to hear that you and your family are all doing well. Keep us up to date on all the fun stories! :)

Bertha Broadbottom said...

It's good to hear from you! I need a new invite to your blog, mine expired and I'm getting behind!

older but wiser said...

Are your kids still at Midway? I haven't had a Crystal hug?

Bertha Broadbottom said...

No, they're at Heber Valley now, and they do miss Midway. Matthew was adamant that he stay at Midway, but I want him to integrate himself into our new neighborhood...we had a few rough weeks at the beginning of the school year. (Think Michael in kindergarten and the fight every afternoon in the hallway to get him to class)! He's settled down now and is actually getting ready without a fight and enjoying school very much! They are all monkeys!